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Part-time Teacher

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Part-time Kids English Teacher

job description

Have FUN and be rewarded in your spare time teaching English classes to children!


[Job Type & Hours]

English Teacher


*Mondays only, or Mondays & Thursdays between 3:50pm - 6pm

*Each class is 50 minutes of teaching time, plus 10 - 20 minutes for briefing and set-up/transition.



Musashikosugi area

*Approximately a 3 - 10 minute walk from the Musashikosugi stations


[Salary and Transportation fee]

1900 - 2500 yen per class (depending on experience)

*A class includes setup and briefing time.

Transportation fees for commuters (up to 1000 yen) will be compensated.


[Job Requirements]

Former experience in teaching is ideal, as is experience coaching/supervising children: but these are not required.

 Most importantly,  we are looking for someone who exhibits the following qualities:

◆Loves kids

◆Enjoys teaching

◆Responsible & Dutiful

◆Native-level English speaker, or near-native level sounding English speaker.

 PLUS  basic Japanese language


[Job Description]

◆Lead English classes up to 12 children aged 4 -10 years old.

 NOTE: When necessary, classes will have a Japanese assistant teacher.

◆Teach words and phrases with flash cards; play various games & role-playing activities; sing along with simple English songs & videos; and read books. 

◆Teach the following skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

◆Lesson planning is NOT required as programs & materials will be provided. 


[Period of work]

At least one year (April 2022 - End of March 2023).



Please contact us at:

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